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Everything you need to know about getting a driver licence, from Roads and Maritime Services.

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Tips on passing your test, from Roads and Maritime Services.

Are you supervising a learner driver? Some advice from Roads and Maritime Services.


Do you come to my home or work?

Yes, we come to you – we’ll pick you up at your home, school or workplace, and drop you off anywhere in the area that suits you. Your drop-off location doesn’t have to be where we picked you up – we can meet you outside of your school, for example, and drop you off at your home.

Where will my lessons take place?

If you are more of a beginner driver we’d usually keep to quiet streets without too much traffic. As you gain confidence and experience we’ll expose you to more varied and challenging traffic conditions.

How do I get the most out of my driving lessons?

You’ll find driving lessons most helpful when you have just obtained your learner licence. As a beginner this is the crucial time to develop good habits that will help you get through your RMS driving test and keep you safe on the road for a lifetime.

Do you have a dual-control car?

Yes. Our late-model car is fitted with dual controls for the very rare occasion when the instructor needs to take over to ensure your safety.

Am I covered by your insurance when I’m having a driving lesson?

Yes. Night and Day Driving School has full comprehensive insurance that covers learner drivers of any age. And no, you won’t be required to pay an excess if you were to have an at-fault accident while you're on a lesson with us – it’s all covered by our insurance. (We’d like to point out that we’ve never had an at-fault learner driver accident in any of our cars in 27 years!)

If I can get an automatic licence, do I have to take another test to drive a manual car

No, you don't. As soon as you get your P2 automatic licence (that is, after you have held a P1 automatic licence for one year), you can legally drive a manual car in New South Wales.

Can I use my own car or my parent’s car for my lessons?

Yes, you can. Ideally we’d teach absolute beginners in our dual-control car, but as long as our instructor believes you have enough experience behind the wheel we’re happy for you to use your own car.

Do I need to have my learner license with me when I have a driving lesson?

Yes, you must have it with you any time you’re behind the wheel of a car.

Can I take my driving test in your driving school car?

Absolutely. Usually we’d pick you up around 1.25 hours before you’re scheduled to take the licence test, do a final run-through over the course of an hour lesson and then provide our dual-control car for the test.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we issue gift certificates – they’re ideal for birthday, Christmas or graduation presents.